About Lepidoptera.se

The aim of Lepidoptera.se is to make information such as flight times and distribution for Swedish Lepidoptera species available in an easy format. Also images, links to other sites and synonym names are available. This will hopefully be of help when trying to identify species.

This site have a list of 2863 Lepidoptera species recorded in Sweden. Imported species and also four not completly indentified species have been excluded. Those four species is listed below.

This site started as a need for me to have somewhere to upload my own photographs of butterflies and moths. I also needed a complete list of all Lepidoptera species recorded in Sweden with as much synonym names as possible, to be able to find and indentify species quicker. As I also had limited access to good literature I wanted to have quick access to all other great Lepidoptera sites.

Questions about the site can be sent to me using the form to the left.

/Magnus Unger

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